Barrels planted

I just love the new Spring plant growth -- apart from the weeds of course! The remaining plants for the three half barrels arrived and I wasted no time in planting them up: Pimpinella major 'Rosea', Astrantia 'Buckland', Geranium phaem, Actaea simplex 'Brunette' and Orlaya grandiflora. I will of course take more photos as they establish themselves and show off their pink, white and dark purple flowers.

We have been working in the ponds to solve the problem we were having with algae growing on the surface where pond grasses in the water were preventing proper movement. Alistair rowed the boat to the problem area while I wore my waders to pull up the grasses and put them into a large container to be ferried across to the compost area. That and a temporary pump seem to have solved the problem -- but next time I plan to be in the boat and Alistair will be in the waders!