The Wild Horses

Yesterday we had a visit from the vet for the animals annual vaccinations.  Lucca is terrible in the truck ( which we bought specially for them, as they can't both fit in a car) and gets anxious and reacts from both ends which makes it rather a messy business on the whole.  With them being so big and Boudicca our rescue cat being so psycho it is worth paying for a house visit as to make everything as least stressful as possible.  I had locked the cat flap so there was no chance of escape and the dogs gave them an overwhelming welcome as they do with visitors, leaving everybody covered in a layer of white fluffy hair as they are moulting - they calmed down after the initial welcome and totally calmed down after the kennel cough squirt up the nose, and decided that maybe visitors aren't that much fun.

Achilles our Spanish laid back cat couldn't care less about things but Boudicca the rescue cat is something else.  She completely flipped, tried to force herself through the pet gate, attacked Alistair then ran to the locked cat flap and got her paw stuck in the non-swinging flap and that iswhere she had her injection.  Released from said flap and avoiding Alistair's spilled blood on the utility floor she was delighted to gain her freedom and get as far away from us as possible.  She appeared later on in the day trying to make up for her actions and giving Alistair lots of attention, obviously this cat has got a conscience after all.  Alistair is sporting some fantastic scratch marks on hand and head and seems to have forgiven her for now or till the next time she kills something.  The vet and assistant had travelled to us over the Longmynd where we used to live and we talked about the wild horses that live there, this made think about them as I was going through some photographs later in the day and came across these.  I should be posting photographs of the dogs and cats after this story but these horses are so special so I couldn't resist.